How can massage help you make the most of 2020?

Feeling a bit stressed in the New Year? Have an event or game coming up? Pre-Season about to start? Just started at the gym? Feeling sore after the gym for longer than usual? Or Feel like you’re always tired and achy?

This time of year can be intense and chaotic for everyone. You might be on a health kick, trying to eat well and exercise, kids are going back to School, there’s different sports happening and pre-season’s about to start. Maybe you’re just trying to get fit for Summer, preparing for a competition or beginning a new 8 or 12 week challenge?... It can be a lot to juggle!

At this time of year, there is always a lot happening and we can often feel very stressed and get lost in the chaos of it all. It’s important to take time for yourself – regularly! Often when we have busy schedules and we are stressed; we don’t take time to look after ourselves. This can often make us more susceptible to injury, aches, pains and headaches!

Don’t let yourself become burnt out and exhausted, getting a regular massage can help you be at the top of your game, so that you’re ready to conquer the New Year!

Massage has been proven to -

  • Enhances quality of sleep, reduce fatigue
  • Reduce spasms & cramping
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Reduce recovery time after injury
  • Improves mood - reduces stress & anxiety
  • Helps to relieve muscle pain & tension
  • Increase blood flow & circulation
  • Improves muscle flexibility & range of motion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • ...and more!


Do you know how good your body is designed to feel? Do you find yourself putting up with a lot of aches and pains? Are they becoming harder to ignore? Don’t let this lovely and joyful time of year become a drag! Why not make your New Years resolution to look after your health
It might be time you incorporated massage into your routine to get you feeling well again. Massage can be a powerful tool this time of year in helping to combat stress and fight off the aches and pains.
… so, set yourself up for success and find out what massage can do to help you.