Whether you’re an elite athlete training for your next event or playing football on the weekend; perhaps you compete in the local sporting events or simply improving your fitness at the gym… whatever you’re committed to… we are committed to improving your performance and can assist with muscle soreness with a ‘Sports Massage’.

m1When you have committed to your health and fitness, you have already set yourself some goals!  To reach these goals… you effectively set a ‘required’ checklist – this may read as:

  • Proper Hydration
  • Equipment
  • Nutrition/Diet Changes
  • New footwear & gym clothes

But many miss the most important item off their list…

  • Sports Massage!!

How can Sport Massage help me?

Sport Massage is effective in both ‘pre’ & ‘post’ event.  ‘Pre Sports’ massage is designed to kick start the muscles with invigorating and compression techniques to encourage the increase of blood flow and movement to the muscles. Whilst ‘Post Sports’ massage will assist to any muscle soreness and post event injuries where the muscles will be treated with slow deep tissue techniques and effective stretching.

Sports massage has been proven to both enhance your sporting performance whilst reducing the recovery time.

Can Sport Massage treat injuries?

Yes, new or old injuries can be addressed with Sport Massage!

Some common injuries are:

Shin Splints, joint sprains, muscle strains, neck & back twinges associated with sports, ‘corked’ thigh and tennis elbows… plus many more.

Pre-Event Sports Massage

A pre-event massage is a short, specific treatment given immediately before (30 minutes- 24 hours before) a sports event. The goal of MASSAGE TO THE MUSCLES is to increase your circulation, flexibility and mental clarity to improve your performance.

A pre-event sports massage does not replace your warm up, but complements it.  It is important that we as therapists know your sport or activity and what muscles are likely to be used the most, in order to assist you the most. The amount and depth of treatment is the most important key to effective pre-event massage.  Deep tissue work is usually contraindicated during a pre-event massage as it may cause too much of an increase in flexibility and it may interfere with your muscle timing and strength.

A quality sports massage therapist will keep your sports goal in mind at all times!

What is Post-Event Sports Massage?

M2Recovery is the primary purpose of post-event sports massage.  Athletes push themselves harder during an event, than while training.  It's your competitive spirit pushing you to the limit. For example, during a marathon most athletes run a greater distance during the event than they've ever run during their training.  A massage afterward is vital to assist a hasty pain-free recovery. We will aim to relax your muscle tone, improve your recovery circulation, and restore your flexibility.

Post-event massage can also be that first assessment for potential injuries, and more serious medical conditions (heat exhaustion or hypothermia), which may be identified early and treated promptly. You will achieve the best results in a post-event massage either immediately thereafter, or on the next day.

You be the judge as to what works best for you!


Be Prepared… book your Sports Massage today!


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